Graycliff Hotel

Graycliff Hotel
If you could wrap up elegance with a splattering of casual and turn it into an accommodation, then the Graycliff Hotel got it exactly right.
Warmth and classy comes together beautifully, that is what could be said about the Graycliff Hotel in the Bahamas. Located within the limits of Nassau city and all of its amenities, but still close enough to the incredibly soft beaches, this hotel is nothing short of perfection. The staff are just as warm and inviting as this hotel’s interior and exterior presence, a guest can easily get the sense that they are staying with family-oriented Bahamians.
Graycliff Hotel Pool
With the Graycliff Cigar Company at the helm of this family’s businesses, there are subtle reflections of their cigars throughout the property. But the interests of the family do not end there, the creation of Graycliff Historical Village is a direct-to-visitor experience. The concept behind the creation of the village is to provide visitors with a chicer and old, traditional village like setting, to fully appreciate the ways of Bahamians. Within the cobblestone street of the village, guests will find a quaint barista café and bistro, a coffee roasting company, a chocolate factory, a newer hotel, and the revitalization of the original convent and chapel. This village is not overrun with vehicles, it is a simplistic and enjoyable walking, pedestrian-only village. Invited to set up shop, local artisans, crafters, and artists display their works, some of which are for sale.
Graycliff Hotel Guest Rooms
This hotel possesses guest chambers and cottage suites are tastefully furnished and decorated, each room and suite have their own ‘style’, but all reflect the endearing qualities that can only be derived from a tropically beautiful environment.
Graycliff Hotel Wine Cellar
Guests of Graycliff Hotel have many other perks to look forward to, as the family holds the very prestigious Wine Spectators Grand Award for its personal (and exclusive) wine cellar (which holds 250,000 bottles of wine). It stands to reason that with such a wine cellar, would accompany delicious dining options that are just as delicious. A full-service experience is the order of the day at the Graycliff Restaurant or the Humidor Churrascaria Restaurant. Lighter affairs are available by the poolside, and room service is also available.
Blue Lagoon, Bahamas
To further the comforts to guests, a Beach Day at Blue Lagoon is just another one of the perks to staying at this hotel. A to and fro ferry will take guests to the secluded beach lagoon, which does possess a grill and snack bar, full service bar, and showers. Equipment to use on the white-sand beach and in the water is also available right on the island, so paddle boats, kayaks, aqua cycles, and snorkeling gear can be obtained for guests’ pleasures.
Whether use the Blue Lagoon Island or the hotel itself, either make the perfect place to have a wedding, a honeymoon, or other important event or function. The staff at the Graycliff will go to great lengths to make your dream plans a reality, in paradise.
Nassau, Bahamas
Nassau city, being within walking of the hotel, provides alternates in interesting things to do, sightseeing, other dining options, shopping, and entertainment venues. There are many historical sites throughout the Bahamas, quaint villages, and secluded cays and islets, not to mention hundreds of small islands to explore. Stay at the hotel, but venture away each day, and slowly return at night. Exploring the beauty and interests of the Bahamas is like experiencing a different world, and you must experience it all at your own pace (things tend to slow down when you are sampling the many varieties of cuisines around the islands). Take your time, and take it all in…now that is the perfect vacation!