Bahamas Attractions and Sites

Beaches, and loads of them. That is just one of many attractive outlets for fun, when people visit the Bahamas.

There are so many beaches around the different islands, cays, and islets, that they have to be sectioned into categories, like family-friendly, secluded, active, and exclusive. Many of the beaches have access to eatery & drinking venues, equipment rentals, and quaint shopping opportunities of handmade items.
But that is just the beginning. The Bahamas are so diverse, that the chances for adventures and exploring are so tempting, anyone would be enticed to leave the fantastically fun beaches, even for just a little while.
Sightseeing is a ‘where do you want to spend the day today’ occurrence. With so many islands all possessing their own separate indulgences, attractions & sites, the whole of the Bahamas will make visitors feel as if they have temporarily entered other worlds.
Nassau city
Paradise Island and Nassau are full days’ worth of fun. Nassau, being a city, possesses many sites not to miss like The Caves, Water Tower, historically significant heritage villages & sites and forts (like Fort Nassau), museums (the Pompey museum is great!), restaurants & food stalls, and many shopping opportunities. Paradise Island is just that, paradisiacal. A lavish golf course, amazingly beautiful beaches, quaint eating spots, tropically lush gardens (The Retreat Gardens), casino and aquarium, and tranquility await those seeking perfection in a tropical setting.
Grand Bahama Island is beyond appealing to anyone who would enjoy traditional charm, some interesting sites, and three very distinctive environments (the East End, the West End, and Freeport). Beaches line the coast for miles and miles around the south side (which some lead to mysterious underwater caves), and there are 3 national parks (Rand Nature Center, Peterson Cay National Park, and Birding Center) to take in wildlife, nature and adventure. There are old settlements to indulge the curious explorer of history in you (Smith’s Point, Pinder’s Point, William’s Town, and Russell Town). Each town are culturally filled to the brim, through foods, arts and crafts, folk stories over a fire on the beach, and everything in-between.
Eleuthera and Harbour Island not only were the first ‘landed’ positions of the earlier settlers, but between the pink beaches and fields of pineapples as far as the eye can see, this is a definite must-see for any visitor to the Bahamas. Fishing and farming are the main pastimes of the local people of Eleuthera, but for visitors, it is a deliciously welcoming diversion from the other islands (the landscape is a mix of wetlands, rocky bluffs and incredibly beautiful coral reefs). Harbour Island is quite different, loaded with tropically rich plant life, and beaches that are laced with flamingo-pink sands. Both islands are adorned with architecture, sites to see, culinary delights, and local charm.
Abacos Bahamas
For a real contrast to other islands, The Abacos is a delightful blend of smaller islands, which provide numerous outlets for beaches, golfing, boating and sailing, fantastic little colonial towns and cays to explore, and many super-accommodations that possess bars, nightclubs, casinos, and restaurants (Marsh Harbour is action-packed). Community BBQ’s on the beach are frequently found here at The Abacos.
When fishing and seclusion is the order of the day, then Ragged Island will grant visitors just that. Unexplored coves, many fishing spots, small towns that have a big impact for charm, historically important landmarks, and everything handmade/home cooked can be had here. The pirate Blackbeard was believed to ‘stash’ himself here occasionally (hence Blackbeard’s Bay and Blackbeard’s Well). With only about one hundred residents, anyone will be made to feel right at home here.
Ecotourism is big business in the Bahamas, as well as diving, water-sports, nightlife, and pampering. The Bahamas is the perfect setting for special events, weddings and receptions, honeymoons and romantic getaways, family-oriented fun, and great seclusion spots. There is access to scooter and car rentals to make your need to explore and adventure as pleasing as possible.
Diving in the Bahamas