Welcome to The Bahamas

You may think of the Bahamas as a single country, but that is not the case. The Bahamas actually encompasses a beautiful collection of cays, islets, and islands (over seven hundred together makes up the Bahamas). With an abundance of diversity when it comes to the altering environmental experiences, there is literally no limit as to how a visitor can spend their days and nights in this gorgeous part of the world. As the Bahamas is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean (the warmer water currents), and neighboring places like Turks and Caicos Islands, Cuba, Florida, and the Dominican Republic. The Bahamas has two personalities, and it can be referred to as the island chain that is connected to the Turks and Caicos Islands, or, it can be referred to as a single country that encompasses many little ‘on-the-side bits’.
Map of Bahamas
Andros Island is the largest island within the Bahamas realm, and some other settled islands under the wing of the Bahamas is Mayaguana, Long Island, Exuma, Cat Island, Eleuthera, Acklins, San Salvador Island, and Crooked Island. The island of New Providence is not only settled, but it is host to the largest city in the Bahamas, called Nassau, and holds the title of capital city of all the Bahamas. The one interestingly unique aspect of Nassau is, although a busy city, it hugs Paradise Island closely to it, which provides a wealth of island options when visiting this city. The Nassau Harbor hosts the Prince George Wharf, which welcomes all manner of seafaring vessels, from cruise ships all the way down to the simplest boats. Grand Bahama is host to the second largest city called Freeport.
The main transportation for getting around from place to place via the water is the public ferries (picked up at Prince George Wharf), which skim around to some of the islands. To get around to Harbour Island, Exuma, and Spanish Wells, you can pick up water transportation in Potters Cay, which also provides transport around to the Family Islands.
Bahama islands taxi
The consistent climate in and around the Bahamas (a tropical savannah climate) holds a steady 23 to 32 degrees Celsius all year long, higher in the summer and dropping only slightly in the wintertime months. The temperatures in the ocean water ranges between 23 to 28 degrees Celsius throughout the year. The fantastic tropical temperatures are just one reason that Nassau is the very core of enticement in the Bahamas. The warm and tropical Gulf Stream coupled with the low latitude/low elevation of the Bahamas is why it boasts some of the best weather conditions around the Atlantic Ocean.
Bahama warm climate
The Bahamas has something in common with the British, and that is a shared British monarchy. The Bahamas governs itself similar to the interests and lawful traditions of the United Kingdom, with the Queen as head of state. The Bahamas keeps solid relationships with other countries in the Caribbean, the United States, and with the United Kingdom. Outside of New Providence, there are 31 other districts (including islands, cays, and islets).
Bahama national flower
Choosing the national flower for the Bahamas was no contest, the entire voting members all decided that the one flower that bloomed all year long was the yellow elder, which is also native to the Bahamas.
The economy is vibrant and strong in the Bahamas, due to tourism, international financial services, agriculture, and banking services, which generates employment and currency into economic activities throughout all of the Bahamas.
Bahamas paradise beach
Beaches throughout the Bahamas are so numerous, they have to be sectioned into categories. There are beaches for families, beaches that are secluded, beaches that are prime areas for water recreationally fun activities, and beaches that are exclusive to guests of certain accommodations. The Bahamas is known all around the world for its abundance in water and land activities, limitless areas for adventures and exploring, and the historical aspects here are quite in-depth.